Business problems

Absence of a mobile version of the platform for cooking fans
Absence of an opportunity for chefs to demonstrate their recipes and dishes to the vast audience.
Difficulties in communication and information exchange in the region between people, who love cooking.
Absence of a unified regional base of professional chefs and amateurs.


Develop an iOS version of the popular culinary, social network in Saudi Arabia



Development of mobile applications for the culinary social network

Case Study

Recipe catalog

Users have access to a huge catalog of recipes.

There is no difficulty to find an interesting recipe.

Search is carried out not only by name, but also by ingredients.

Therfore simply by entering a set of ingredients that the user has, he can find recipes that he can actually cook.

Filters will help narrow down the search for recipes, and also allow you to view recipes of a certain type, difficulty level or see the most popular recipes by the number of comments or likes.

Recipe catalog

Publish your recipes

All recipes in the catalog are published by members of the social network.

Everyone can share their recipes.

To publish a recipe, the user specifies the name of the dish, [its type], the ingredients, the approximate time of the cooking, describes the cooking steps [in a convenient template], and also can add photos of the finished dish, its preparation or video instruction to the recipe.

Publish your recipes

The rich social component is a fully-fledged social network of professional chefs and just cooking fans.

Users can like recipes they like to create a collection of favorite recipes.

They can comment on other people's recipes or respond to comments on their own.

Can subscribe to each other's pages to always be aware of new recipes.

And also can "mention" other cooks in their comments.

The rich social component

Detailed Newsfeed

The user may be interested in various events in the social network: someone subscribed to a famous chef, someone liked or commented on his recipe, someone mentioned the user in a commentary or shared a recipe.

The newsfeed will let you know about each of the events.

Convenient filters will help you quickly find out what the events user is interested in are.

Detailed Newsfeed

Personalized Push Notifications

Users receive notifications about all interesting events: new recipes of their subscriptions, likes or comments to their own recipes or new subscribers.

The user can disable the push notification of a certain type if they are not interesting for him.

Functionality in the admin panel allows you to send personalized push notifications to an separate user or group of users.

Personalized Push Notifications
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