Cross-platform development of mobile applications on the React Native framework.

How we work

The existence of multiple mobile operating systems creates the problem of your product’s adaption to each system. In fact, it is necessary to work for each platform separately by creating two or more mobile applications with duplicated functionality. Surely it would be great to develop an application that is compatible with all platforms. The work in this direction, the IT world has begun quite a while ago and every year the possibilities of cross-platform development are getting more interesting.

In our company, we use React Native to develop cross-platform solutions. It allows us to write a single code that can be compiled for each platform (iOS, Android) separately with minimal additions. This allows one to accelerate and reduce the cost of mobile application development.

Of course React Native can not completely replace the native approach. Complex, multifunctional applications should be written in native language for the platform. But this approach can help you quickly create an application with simple functionality, to test your business idea, which will save time and money.

React Native mobile applications development often requires the help of native developers, who write the application in their native language for each platform. In our team, there are specialists who can if necessary, supplement the missing functionality with native means. This allows you to make an application of good quality using React Native.

We began to develop the cross-platform approach towards development to keep abreast of the new changes and tools that appear in the field of mobile development. A variety of possible approaches to creating an application gives you additional options to choose the path that best suits your project.

What you get

Deep Analytics
Business niche research and customer business processes, competitor analysis, swot analysis, etc.
Pro development team
Experienced developers, close interaction with the customer, monitoring tools, reporting.
Native technologies
Using the most reliable and proven development technologies.
Quality Assurance
Autotesting, UI testing, quality control, manual testing, continuous integration.

Our works

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iOS application for food delivery service
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Software solution for retail network
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