IT solution for audio book marketplace
with a media player

Business problems

Lack of high-quality audiobooks service on the local market
Web version, but no version for mobile devices
Problems with the convenience and reliability of existing players
Problems with illegal distribution of audio content.


Develop Audio books service for iOS and Android mobile platforms.



Development of native iOS and Android applications. These features were done within the planned functionality: development of a custom audio player, integration with the web backend, connection of third-party services.

Case Study

user registration


Filling of registration data

Phone number validation

Login by e-mail

Sign in with google +

Password recovery

user registration

listening to the demo

Search for books by title

Viewing a book

Listening to the demo version

listening to the demo

purchasing a book

Book selection in the store

View Description

Listening to the demo


Filling out data for payment

purchasing a book

audiobooks download

Download a purchased book

Display downloading progress

Pause download

Download separate chapters

Download in background mode

Restore download

audiobooks download

listening to an audiobook

Listening to a book in a mini player

Listening to a book in a big player

Control listening on a locked smartphone screen

Pause in the player or the mini-player on the locked smartphone screen

Pause and restore playback for incoming / outgoing calls

Fast rewind

Sleep Timer

Change the play speed

View listening progress for the current chapter

listening to an audiobook
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