Online guide to customs operations
in the US based on
mobile iOS and
Android applications

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Absence of fast and mobile access to US customs documentation, including archived documents.
Imprompt informationing about changes in the required customs regulations.
Limitated and burdensome offline access to documents in demand.
An inflexible search engine that increases the time one spends searching for necessary documents.
Optional financial expenses of the business for consultations with customs experts.


Make public customs documents accessible and easy to use on users' smartphones.



Updatable document base

The user has access to hundreds of thousands of documents: official responses from US Customs to citizens from various states, regulations regulating the diversion of all kinds of goods (from freshly caught crabs to fireworks and carburetors), actual notices of customs services, etc. Documents are obtained from closed state servers. Available as the most current documents, and records dating from 1966 year.


Elasticsearch engine and MongoDB

Flexible search allows you to quickly find the document you need. The search query can be general, but can be as specific as possible: everything depends on the user's awareness and on his goals. So, using simple search query rules, you can find all the documents containing the words "frozen red fish", and you can find a specific document published on a certain day, by a certain civil servant. Quick search of a huge array of documents provides a competent backend infrastructure: using non-relational, document-oriented database MongoDB, as well as a powerful search engine Elasticsearch.


Offline access

Documents that the user needs are always at his fingertips. Just add the document to your favorites. Favorite documents are stored in the device's local memory and are available offline. The number of favorite documents is not limited to anything, except for the objective capabilities of the device itself.



Quick access to the current US Customs Tariffs for all kinds of goods and resources (Harmonized tariff schedule for the United Stastes, HTSUS). Search by tariff tables. Easy and convenient navigation, automatic app change of the screen orientation into landscape orientation for wide tables review.


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